Friday, April 4, 2014

Hoppy T-GIF from Your Boswellians!!!!

Boswellian Amie noticed that the wind-up Fuzzy Bunnies and the wind-up Fuzzy Chicks had beef this week when the breakroom became the O. K. Corral...

Place your bets! 

Who will win?!

Poor Chickie. If only the bunnies didn't multiply so fast...or have fangs.

Pictured in the background: Battle Bunny, Little Chick, and Bunnicula.

Good thing we didn't throw Bill Hillmann* into the mix...

* Bill Hillmann is not only a former Chicago Golden Gloves Champion, he's also the author of the novel The Old Neighborhood and one heck of a talented storyteller! Don't miss him at Boswell on Saturday, May 10th at 7 PM!!! Here's a link to his fancy new book trailer.

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