Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Staff Recommendation, Week of December 12, 2023

Just one staff rec this week for a new release, from Tim McCarthy. He recommends the second Monster Hunter Mystery from Wisconsin author Annelise Ryan: Death in the Dark Woods. Tim says: "Morgan Carter is back! She's the Door County owner of Odds and Ends, a shop that sells very odd artifacts from around the world along with mystery books in which people always meet their end. She’s also a cryptozoologist with multiple college degrees who loves searching for legendary creatures while insisting that proof is necessary before she’ll believe they exist. Last time, she and her very cool dog Newt helped a local sheriff figure out why two dead men had strange bite marks suggesting the possibility of a Nessie-like creature in the waters of Wisconsin. Now law enforcement needs her again, in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, across the Green Bay, where a hunter and a fisherman were viciously killed, apparently by something huge and furry that moved upright on two feet. Could it possibly be? You’ll find out, and for me there’s nothing better than a cozy but deadly autumn adventure set in places where I’ve loved to vacation and then drove away again, fully alive. I’d just say watch your back up north on that next lovely leaf season hike."

And that, dear readers, is the last new book rec I currently have on file for 2023! Rest assured, if any last minute book alerts come from the Boswellians for new books coming in the next couple of weeks, I will dutifully post them in this space. And there's one more top 5 roundup blog coming this way soon, too! Until there are more recs (and there will surely be more staff recs), read on!

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