Monday, November 13, 2023

Staff Recommendation, Week of November 14, 2023

 There were so many books out last week that we barely kept up with the rest of the month reviewing and recommending them! 

That's okay, because we've got one doozie of a rec for you this week from Rachel Ross, who suggests checking out the latest Murderbot Diaries novel by Martha Wells. That would be System Collapse, and of it Rachel says: "Everyone’s favorite Murderbot is back following the events of Network Effect. However, this time something is a bit… off about them. This entry finds Murderbot dealing with the emotional fallout of events from their recent and not-so-recent past as they tackle a rapidly compounding series of issues alongside the gaggle of humans and bots they can’t help but feel a bit (over)protective of. As always, Wells’ characters shine with wit and tenacity while remaining grounded in relatability. System Collapse is snappy, irreverent, and satisfying."

There's one paperback release this week that has two staff recommendations, too! That is Sam, the novel by Allegra Goodman. First, from Daniel Goldin: "Even if you’ve read Allegra Goodman before, you’ve never read a novel like Sam. It’s told completely from her perspective, keeping just the amount of distance you might expect from an adolescent who values her privacy. With any number of childhood setbacks, Sam’s seminal years leave her insecure at best and entering adulthood with any number of missteps. It’s rock climbing that gives her a sense of purpose, and while it doesn’t take her where she wants to go, it does lead to unseen paths - she just needs to find the right footholds. Quiet but powerful."

And from Kathy Herbst: "A coming-of-age story told from the perspective of Sam, who is seven years old when we meet her.  She loves her father fiercely, though he is highly undependable, and struggles with her mother, who has primary responsibility for her two children.  When she discovers rock climbing, all of her energy goes into perfecting her skills at the expense of most everything else in her life.  Sam's journey to adulthood is engrossing, and this book is filled with deeply felt reflections on growing up, parenting, and the power of dreams."

We hosted a great virtual event with Allegra Goodman for this book when it originally arrived in hardcover early this past winter. What a great conversation! Click the video below to watch that.

Those are the recs! We'll see you soon, and until we recommend again, read on!

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