Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Secondhand News - Boswell's Spectacular Secondhand Summer of Sports

As summer begins in Milwaukee, Boswell's faithful are wrapping up their spring cleaning, which means Boswell's secondhand crew is busy sorting through some fantastic collections of secondhand books. We're especially excited about the collection making its way onto our shelves now which we're calling the "Spectacular Secondhand Summer of Sports." These books are the perfect sunny day, back porch reading while you wait for the Brewers game to start, or before you hit the putting green. Maybe a little something to get your basketball fix in the off season? Or maybe you're like me, and you need something to hold you over until the first kickoff of fall.
In addition to all this great summer reading, some collectors' favorites have just hit the Recent Fiction Secondhand shelves, including:
- A gorgeous, near mint condition Library of America box set of John Updike's Collected Stories. I'm quite jealous of whoever gets to add this to his or her shelves!
- A few Modern Library Classics Paperback editions, including Vanity Fair and Uncle Tom's Cabin
- Several Oxford Paperback editions.

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