Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nerds Start A Bookclub: A Play in One Act

(The Scene: An independent bookstore on the east side of Milwaukee)

Jason: Let's start a science fiction bookclub! We should totally have a science fiction bookclub!

Jocelyn: No argument here. Go for it.

Jason: What book should we pick?

Jocelyn: Who's this "we"?

Jason: You're my partner in crime. You love science fiction and fantasy.

Jocelyn: Well, okay. When will this so-called "In Store SF Bookclub" going to happen?

Jason: Second Monday of every month at seven pm. So the first meeting will be February 8th.

Jocelyn: You'd better get a book selected then.

Jason: (screams, runs around in circles, briefly gets distracted by the new McSweeney's Panorama, then resumes running)

Jocelyn: How about Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates? It's a classic time-travel SFstory. I loved it.

Jason: Hey, great. Let's do it.

Jocelyn: I hope people enjoy awesomely complex stories about werewolves, lost poets, evil secret societies, and Edwardian London.

Jason: Sounds like fun!

Jocelyn: Did I mention that there's a clown in it? An eeeevil clown?

Jason: (screams and runs away)

Please join us for the inaugural meeting of the Boswell In-Store SF/F Bookclub. We'll be reading The Anubis Gates at the first meeting (which is indeed February 8th, at 7 pm). Come even if you didn't read it. Come even if you hated it. We like lively discussion!

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