Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Staff Recommendations, Week of January 31, 2023

A light week to wrap up January.

Here's Kay's recommendation for Exiles, the latest mystery by Australia-based Jane Harper. Kay says: "Harper favors rural areas or small towns, but she likes to change up where in Australia her mysteries take place. Her books are very atmospheric, so I enjoy vicariously experiencing different Australian locales. Exiles is set in wine country, with hills, cliffs, forests, scrublands, lakes and rivers... all handy when it comes to missing people. Kim, a well-known woman, disappears in a crowded festival. None of the exit monitors see her leave. Her baby is found tucked in her buggy at the end of the evening. Where could Kim be? With fresh eyes, a first-time visitor proves to be useful. Jane Harper scores again!"

See ya next month, readers.

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