Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Staff Recommendation, Week of November 22, 2023

A very happy Thanksgiving week to you and yours from the Boswellians. We have but one staff rec for you this week, from Daniel Goldin. 

The Hero of This Book
by Elizabeth McCracken. Daniel says: "This is not a memoir, the narrator assures the reader. To be clear, McCracken is married with children, and the narrator is neither of these things. And that clerk at the London inn who checks the narrator in? He’s completely imaginary. The story takes place on one London trip after the death of the narrator’s mother, revisiting the places they went together several years earlier, with each stop a jumping off point to a free-ranging collage of memories and reflections. Autofiction, you ask?! No way, answers the narrator. But however you wish to categorize it, the results are glorious – and perfect for Elizabeth Strout fans."

We sure do hope this tides you over until next week, when we'll be back with more books! Until then, enjoy the holiday, which hopefully means bonus book time for you, and read on.

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