Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Staff Recommendations, Week of February 15, 2022

This week our new book recommendations are all Kay, all the time! Which is great. Kay's probably our most prolific reader, and you've surely noticed she's been our biggest rec writer as of late. She's great at finding fantastic books off the beaten path for readers who want something new. Let's dive in.

First up, Kay recommends New Animal, a new novel (a paperback original from Two Dollar Radio) from debut Australian author and bespoke death shroud crafter Ella Baxter. Here's Kay's rec: "Ella's prose will grab you and not let go. This debut novel is vivid, raw, smart, darkly comic and genuinely unforgettable. Tightly wrought images will haunt you long after you close the book (really). Plus, you likely will have a newly discerning eye for viewing bodies in coffins."

Kay's next recommendation is for another debut, this one a fable-esque novel that's getting lots of buzz: The Boy with a Bird in His Chest by Emme Lund. Kay says: "Owen, the boy, and Gail, the bird in Owen's chest, are a remarkably lovable pair. At Owen's mother's behest, they endure isolation until they are fourteen, when all hell breaks loose. Their journey is fraught with more danger than delight, but eventually Owen and Gail find a place to call home. Lund has penned a stunning debut."

No recommendations for once-hardcover books getting their paperback releases this week, but how about a new paperback release notice / bookseller-run book club informational crossover note? Okay!

, the third novel by Anna North, comes out in paperback this week. It's also going to be the March book club pick for our Books and Beer book club, run by Jen. A Reese's Book Club pick and a Washington Post best book of the year selection, this is a terrifying, wise, tender, and thrilling adventure story of a fugitive girl, a mysterious gang of robbers, and their dangerous mission to transform the Wild West. Click right here to find out more about this book club meeting and our other bookseller-run book clubs, too.

And that's what we've got! See you next week with more staff recommendations.

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