Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Staff Recommendation, Week of December 28, 2021

Here it is, the last staff recommendation of the year!

Boswellian Kay Wosewick recommends Once Upon a Time We Ate Animals: The Future of Food, by Roanne van Voorst, translated by Scott Emblen-Jarrett. And Kay says: "Partially written as if from the future, Van Voorst imagines a world of vegans who cannot believe humans ever ate meat. The environmental reasons for being vegan are compelling: the use of animal meat, dairy, and eggs are responsible for more greenhouse gases than all modes of transportation combined. These industries also use and pollute more water than any other industry and account for almost one-half of land use. Meat-like vegan foods are rapidly coming on the market and are usually reasonably easy to prepare. Choose two nights a week to eat vegan, and you will, indeed, make an important difference."

See you next year, readers! Hope you had a great year of books, and here's to more good reading in 2022.

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