Friday, October 18, 2019

All About Puzzles

When the weather starts to turn a bit chilly, some of us think it's puzzle time. There's something cozy about it. Maybe it's the escape of daily stresses or the warmth and charm it brings when people gather around and work on a puzzle together. Are you a 1,000 piece puzzler? Or do you prefer the 500 piece puzzles to occupy your mind? We have a variety of puzzles to choose from; we even have a few puzzles that are over 1,000 pieces for the more adventurous person.

Not sure if puzzles are your thing. Here's what our Boswellians have to say about puzzling:

Kay says "Puzzles pull me deeply into a world of color, pattern, shape, visual texture and rhythm, often at a very micro level. The world outside the puzzle melts away. When I’m finished, I have an intimate appreciation of the imagination and skill that went into creating the piece which I, in a sense, have just recreated. It’s a totally healthy addiction!"

Aaron says "I puzzle because it's good for the mind and soul as well as being fun. No matter the puzzle I have found once it's spread out on a table most people cannot help but take a seat and place a few pieces. It allows me to go inside to a quiet place where I can relax and stretch my mind at the same time. There is no pace or pressure, just fun. "

Conrad likes puzzle because "Puzzles are problem solving that can be done alone or with others. I love them around the holidays as people drift in and out of working on them."

Madi, one of our newest Boswellians, declares "How do I love puzzles? Let me count the ways. There's nothing quite as satisfying as finishing a puzzle. You know what the picture is going to look like, and yet still feel accomplished when all the pieces come together to show the picture you've been trying to match the whole time. It's both calming and challenging, and the perfect way to spend a relaxing night."

Stop by Boswell and we'd be happy to talk puzzles!

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