Monday, May 5, 2014

Books to read.. in July!

Everyone likes to be part of building buzz... right?  Here are two novels for adults that you desperately want to read.  Both release in July.  It will be a long couple of months until then.

Nick Harkaway is my favorite author.  This is his third novel.  They are all different and are all excellent.  The cover is designed by design guru, Chip Kidd.  Tigerman releases July 29th.  There is a chance that Boswell will host him on tour.  If that doesn't happen, I plan to host a release party.  You're invited.

Here's my review:
Lester Ferris is a British diplomat of sorts living a leisurely life on Mancreu, an island slated for destruction. That fact has turned the waters off of the island into a free-for-all of illicit activity by every major world power. Lester's befriended a local kid who learned his English from comic books and movies. Together they float through the days avoiding acknowledging that soon they will have to leave. But when they are both witness to a violent act, they each decide that extreme measures must be taken to regain a sense of justice. With kickass action scenes, reluctant heroism, and characters that break the mold of predictability, Tigerman is 100% full of win.

The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
The day after I finished this, I asked when the next one would be ready.  I want to spend more time with Kelsea, in fact, I will probably re-read TQOTT soon.  This releases 7/8. 

Here's my review:
Kelsea has been training to be queen of the Tearling her entire life. The trouble is that she's been doing it in hiding so that assassins do not find her before she is old enough to assume the throne. When it is time, she faces the great challenge of protecting her right to rule and healing a kingdom ruined by decades of her selfish uncle's neglect and greed.  Kelsea is the perfect hero in this new-but-old world Johansen has crafted; she shines in conflict, is stubborn for the sake of her people, and inspires loyalty by being herself.  I greatly look forward to the next installment in her journey.   

I know you're eager to read these two very good books.  Waiting will only make them better.  I promise!  

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