Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Meet Your Boswellians: Carly

Without further ado...hhhheeeeeRRRRREEEEE's CARLY!!!

1. What do you love about working at Boswell Book Company?

My first experience at Boswell as a customer/shelf-peruser was so positive and memorable, especially the customer service aspect, that I just wanted to work with such good company, to be honest. As a huge bibliophile and a practicing people-person, the environment at Boswell was calling my name. The fact that so many amazing events take place here, too, was beyond appealing. 

Also, books. Everywhere. They are everywhere.

2. What’s your absolute most favorite of all the things in Boswell right now?

Right now? Peter, probably. Have you met him? He's a swell guy.

3. What’s your absolute most favorite of all the books ever?
In an attempt to do the impossible, I will just say that a definite fav of mine is Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. Absolutely brilliant and haunting.

4. What’s on your staff rec shelf?
The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan, The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh, and Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell. BAM.

5. For which writer—living or dead—would you take a bullet?
Probably my boy Stephen King. He's just such a great guy, he's funny, he's an avid supporter of the Red Sox, his wife's name is Tabitha...talk about awesome. Now if only we were actual friends.

6. With which character can you most relate?
I would like to think I'm as independent in personality and as revolutionary in the "girl power" cause as Nancy Drew was in the 30s. She was very curious and innocuous as a teenager, she didn't let her boyfriend Ned get in the way of her sleuthing, and she liked being active in all realms of her life. We have all of these traits in common, except I've never known anybody named Ned.

7. Someone wrote your biography – what is the title?
Carly Lenz: A Weird Life Beneath the Lens
8. If you were a super heroine, what would be your name, what’s your power, and who would be your arch-nemesis?
I would be Rudegirl, adorned in checkered uniform and sassy hairstyle, actually much friendlier than my name intimates. Whenever conflict arose, I would summon my friends in the band Madness, who would show up and start singing "Our House," which will immediately dissolve all fighting, all rage, and consequently bring people together in song and bliss. My arch-nemesis would be Downbeat, whose virtues and style I don't agree with.
9. Which band or artist would you drop everything to party with?
Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame. He's awkward and cute and would probably be more likely to take a selfie with me if he was drinking some Irish whiskey simultaneously. Can Tegan and Sara join the party, too?

10. What’s your spirit animal?
Dolphin. No question.

11. Forget “you are what you eat.” We’re talking draaanks—what beverage are you?
If I'm having an Old Lady Day I like me a nice Tanqueray & tonic with lime. For the most part, though, I'm a nice glass of wine, either a Zinfandel or a Malbec.

12. Now we’re talking…dreams. What’s yours? 
Working as an archivist for the Smithsonian in D.C. is definitely on my mind all of the time, however, having a book published at some point in my life is just as dreamy. Lastly, if I could do both of those things AND finally get my all-girl punk band "Bildungsroman" moving, then all of my dreams would come true. We will see what happens!

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