Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy T-GIF from Your Boswellians!

This past Tuesday, something amazing happened at Boswell Book Company with a die-hard Brandon Sanderson fan and a brand new copy of Words of Radiance (the epic follow-up to The Way of Kings and the second volume of The Stormlight Archive).

We won't name any names, but said die-hard fan bought a hardcover copy of Words of Radiance and sat from 10 AM to 8:55 PM reading. After almost eleven hours, he'd read half of the book--pretty fantastic pace for a book well over 1,000 pages. That's how epic fantasy lovers roll!! The best part? Well that would have to be when a bookseller told him that we're having an event with Brandon Sanderson at Boswell on March 22nd at 7 PM. He had a total excited mindsplosion!!

It didn't look exactly like this, but Mel re-enacts the moment for our weekly Boswellian TGIF:

Yes! Brandon Sanderson is coming to Boswell to read from and sign copies of Words of Radiance, to talk all things fantasy and sci-fi news, to meet you, and for another surprise or two that we won't spoil here. See you all there for an exciting night with a living legend!!!

Hurry in today for your copy of Words of Radiance and pick up a free Stormlight Archives magnet (see below)!

Aren't these cool?! HURRY!! SUPPLIES ARE GOING FAST!!!!!

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