Friday, May 24, 2013

Scene IV: An Interaction in the Children's Section

C = Very nice customer with an adorable girl child strapped to his chest
B = Longtime bookseller

B: {Enter bookseller into section} Hi, can I help you?

C:  Is there such a thing as indestructible books? My daughter keeps eating hers.

B:  {gestures to line of books, chuckling} Until now, I thought these were! {pauses} I’m just picturing what her diaper situation must look like!

C:  Oh, we don’t used diapers. We use EC. Are you familiar with that?

B:  No. I have a cat.

C:  {explains diaper-free “Elimination Communication” approach in detail}

B:  {without pausing} So, the money you save on diapers, you can spend on books!


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