Thursday, December 13, 2012

I know you know a teen who reads...

Stuck on what to buy for the 15-19 year old in your family?  Want something easy on the brain and quick moving for yourself?  Tis the season of great series for older teens.
Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Book 1) and Days of Blood & Starlight (Book 2) by Laini Taylor.  Paranormal teen romance novels are all the rage right now thanks to Twilight.  These two by Taylor are well-written, engaging, and full of stong characters.  More popular with young women, but enough angels wielding swords to hold a more adventurous reader's attention. 

Hold Me Closer Necromancer (Book 1) and Necromancing the Stone (Book 2) by Lish McBride.  A 20 something squeaking by in Seattle doesn't realize he's a necromancer until the most powerful necromancer in town tries to kill him.  Funny, clever, full of action.  My 17 year old brother and I both stayed up late to finish them.
Girl of Fire & Thorns (Book 1) and Crown of Embers (Book 2) by Rae Carson.  This is a fantasy series, not paranormal, not dystopian (I know, incredible huh?) about a princess who starts out wimpy and then through a series of exciting trials and tribulations grows a backbone and turns her nerdiness into an asset.
Insignia (Book 1) by SJ Kincaid.  I cannot wait for Vortex, the second book, due out in July 2013.  It's a future United States where wars are fought by drones controlled by super-skilled video game playing teenagers.  Insignia reads like an action film ala Transformers or the Avengers.  This series can skew younger (12 and up) than the above series (14 and up).

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