Thursday, May 21, 2009

SMONK songs and Romance Town

Well, it seems there's been a SMONK resurgence in Milwaukee, the likes of which haven't been seen since 2007 when the Downer Schwartz team was shoving it in everyone's faces yellin' about veined balloons and seeping carbuncles. I even have a friend, Susan, who's currently reading it aloud with her boyfriend. Ah, romance.

Now a song written by our dear friend from CEO-Read, Mr. Aaron Schleicher or The Off Key. The Off Key is a project he started where he challenges himself to write one new song a week. Back in February he used a part, verbatim from SMONK, and set it to music. Check it, here. Milwaukeeans have been on Facebook assaulting Tom Franklin with flattery for awhile now and about this adaptation he writes, "Wow, I listened to this, three times, in Brazil, in the north, at Trancoso. Great music."

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  1. That book was MEANT to be read out loud...that's how I hand-sold reading passages to unsuspecting customers. They were hooked by the third sentence of any passage!!

    That or they just wanted me to stop reading it out loud to them...I'm not sure...