Friday, May 1, 2009

20-somethings read. they do!

by Sarah Marine

It is not impossible to corral a bunch of twenty-somethings into a book group. I know because last night eight people came out to discuss discussing SMONK by Tom Franklin, who, by way of Facebook, will also be participating/receiving our praises and answering our questions. There was also heated conversation about LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, Fleur Jaeggy and BATTLE ROYALE. A good time, I assure you.

and now, Geoff Dyer on the internet:

How does the Web help — or hinder — your work?

It helps in all the obvious ways but mainly it hinders. Where it used to gnaw and nibble away at my ability to concentrate, now it is taking huge great chomps and I fear that soon I will have absolutely no ability to concentrate on anything, will be floundering in a state of endless distraction for the rest of my days and will never accomplish anything again.

and back to me...
New favorite children's title: HURRY AND THE MONARCH

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