Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MKE: apex of literary activity? & sports poetry

When Joshua Beckman spends 72 hours in the city of Milwaukee and attends weekend readings by Bill Berkson & Kit Robinson, has a Monday night reading on a cold rainy April night at a weeks-old bookshop and attracts over thirty people, then while sipping whisky with his Milwaukee bookshop friends, runs into CD Wright arriving for her own reading the following day, he thinks it's impossible that a certain blog in Milwaukee can jestfully proclaim that their city is the "literary capital of the world".
Drew Blanchard, Derrick Harriell, Joshua Beckman

In other news, I have decided to delve into the world of sports poetry, which I am very excited about as my obsession with sports writing has yet to wade into that genre (I've already tackled the sports dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, biography, fiction and philosophical text). All thanks to Karl Saffran from Woodland Pattern for promising to steer me towards the best.

Also, of note, two books that I was exceptionally excited about getting in the store have arrived: Michael Dickman's 'End of the West'. He and his twin were recently discussed in a phenomenal article in The New Yorker. The second title is Nikki McClure's first hardcover children's picture book- 'All in a Day', written by Cynthia Rylant. Additionally have fallen in hearts with Jan Ormerod's 'Moonlight' and 'Sunshine'- in spite of the dad looking a lot like that guy in Annie Hall who keeps calling Alvy, "Max".

See you all tonight at the C.D. Wright reading!

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